Secondhand Ship Valuation Model


Secondhand ship values regression model based and build upon a large dataset of more than 1000 secondhand ship asking and transaction prices.


This secondhand ship values model is a regression model based and build upon a large dataset of more than 1000 secondhand ship asking and transaction prices.

When can this regression model be used?

  • As a decision-making instrument
  • For annual accounting and audits purposes
  • As a sales tool for brokers, shipbuilders or owner
  • For academic research and market intelligence
  • To arrange security for a future or an existing mortgage
  • To arrange insurance
  • To write an investment prospectus
  • To set up lease or financing contracts
  • To decide on a potential investment
  • Legal disputes
  • Government regulations

Vessel valuation contents

  • Introduction to the Ship Sale and Purchase Market
  • Vessel operational model
  • Valuation records
  • Market conditions
  • Costs for refitting the vessel

Data about secondhand ship values

A data set of more than 1000 secondhand ship asking prices values is included.

Depending on your needs, the model will be specifically configured for one (1) of the following ship types:

  • Barge Valuations
  • Cargo Ship Valuations
  • Dredger Valuations
  • Ferry Valuations
  • Supply Ship Valuations
  • Tug Valuations

This product is ideal for:

  • Ship brokers aiming to extend expertise by gaining understanding into valuation practices, tools and resources;
  • Ship owners, managers and company executives wanting to learn how a ships value is calculated;
  • Bankers, accountants, financial analysts and investors wishing to know how shipping assets are valued;
  • Marine surveyors, engineers, naval architects and inspectors seeking awareness of appraisal approaches;
  • Professionals in maritime insurance, claims, law and government requiring base knowledge of shipping markets and valuation concepts.


  • Pitch deck
  • Analysis and models (Excel)
  • Datasets (Excel or CSV format)
  • Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
  • Delivery according to our Terms & Conditions

Additional information

Ship type

Barges, Cargo Ships , Cutter Suction Dredgers, Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers, Ferries, Supply Ships , Tugs


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