Firefighting Vessel Cost Model

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This firefighting vessel cost model gives the user an insight in the cost breakdown of such a vessel in different ports around the world. Both Capex and Opex of the vessels are estimated and compared for three vessels in ten different port operations.

Available on backorder


This firefighting vessel cost model provides the user  an insight in the cost breakdown of such a vessel in different ports around the world. Three vessels are compared in ten different ports.

A Monte Carlo simulation shows the vulnerability of the business case when drivers change. Like interest rates,the number of emergency cases, sailing distances and more. Both Capex and Opex of the vessels are estimated and compared.

Why should you purchase this product?

  • As a sales tool if you are a broker, shipbuilder or owner
  • As a bench-marking tool to benchmark your vessels performance
  • As a decision-making instrument when buying a new or secondhand vessel
  • For annual accounting and audits purposes
  • For academic research
  • In case of tendering for governmental organizations
  • To arrange security for a future or an existing mortgage
  • To arrange insurance
  • To write an investment prospectus
  • To set up lease or financing contracts
  • To decide on a potential investment
  • As market intelligence

Included Analyses

  • Financial Statements based on IFRS as accepted by most financial institutions
    • Income Statement
    • Balance Sheet
    • CashFlow Statement
    • Ratio Analysis
    • Charts
  • Discounted CashFlow (DCF) analysis to determine the Net present Value (NPV)
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis
  • Newbuilding value Model
  • Residual value Model
  • Operating profile Model
  • Monte Carlo Simulation is included to define model sensitivities

Included Data

  • Reference vessels
  • Shipyards and design houses
  • AIS (Global Ship Tracking) data
  • Operational profiles
  • Historical financial data of interest rates, and inflation
  • Historical marine fuel prices
  • Historical wages data set

Parametric model

The firefighting vessel cost model is built upon the following parameters and dependencies:

  • Crew costs
  • Fuel cost & consumption
  • New building and residual vessel value
  • Charter rates
  • Maintenance rates
  • Spare parts
  • Lubrications
  • Harbor dues
  • Management fees
  • Insurance
  • Financing structure
  • Discount rate
  • Inflation
  • Currency exchange rates
  • Financing cost
  • Interest rate
  • Depreciation

Who would benefit from this firefighting vessel cost model?

  • Owners
  • Operators
  • Brokers
  • Shipbuilders
  • Ship designers
  • Investors
  • Financial institutions
  • Lawyers
  • Charterers
  • Insurance companies


  • Pitch deck
  • Analysis and models (Excel)
  • Datasets (Excel or CSV format)
  • Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
  • Delivery according to our Terms & Conditions

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