Port of Rotterdam – AIS data

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Provides A subscription to vessel location data in the Port of Rotterdam is provided. In addition to the location, the draft, direction, heading and speed are also given.

The data can be used to analyze vessel performance, CO2 emissions, operating profiles, competition and much more.



Dataset with vessel movements (AIS) in CSV format is offered.Detailed insight in vessel movements in the Rotterdam port area is given.

In addition to the vessels location, also the draft, direction, heading and speed are logged. The data is presented in a dashboard and available as a CSV file. The data can be used to analyze vessel performance, CO2 emissions, operating profiles, competition etc.

What is AIS Data?

The Automatic Identification System (AIS) is build up out of transponders fitted to ships worldwide. The system uses VHF radio signals to broadcast each vessel’s position, unique identity number and a number of safety related parameters.

AIS transponders on ships broadcast three types of information:

Static information:

  • Call sign
  • Name of vessel
  • IMO Number
  • Type of ship
  • Length
  • Beam
  • Location of antenna

Dynamic information:

  • Position (latitude, longitude)
  • Course over ground
  • Speed over ground in knots
  • Navigational status

Voyage information:

  • Draft in meters
  • Destination and ETA
  • Nature of any hazardous cargo

Example applications

  • How do maritime companies run their grids? How many direct connections and transshipment do they offer?
  • Which charter vessels have a higher chance of marine growth?
  • Which ports and locations have congestion issues?
  • Do competitors manage port processes faster?
  • Will the targeted berth be available on time?
  • How do partners/competitors perform in terms of a constant speed profile?
  • Where do competitors dry-dock?
  • What is the operational cost breakdown of other players?
  • How much time does others spent in port and anchorage?
  • Which bunkering footprint does the competition have?


  • Datasets (CSV/JSON)
  • Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
  • Delivery according to our Terms & Conditions

Additional information

Data position updates

As many as possible, Hourly positions, Daily positions, Weekly positions


Weekly update by download link, Monthly update by download link, Quarterly updates by download link


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