• Harbor Tug Comparison Model

    1,300 / year and a 3,150 sign-up fee
    This model compares more than 30 harbor tugs in more than 35 ports in the world. Both capital and operational expenditure are modeled. AIS data is used to determine the operational profile of the tugs.
  • Life Cycle Cost Model Tugboats

    1,250 / year and a 3,250 sign-up fee
    Total cost of ownership (TCO) model for tugs is offered. Model provides the total cost of ownership of the vessel over its complete life cycle. The model consists of Financial Statements, Financial Ratio Analysis,  Net Present Value and a Return on Investment analysis.
  • Cost breakdown model based on a shipbuilding cost breakdown structure of the newbuilding cost of various vessels. These include Dredgers, Fishery Vessels, Cargo Vessels, Ferries, Tankers and Tugs. The model contains data of 10+ example vessels.
  • Workboat Financing

    4,850 / year
    Financing model for workboats that gives an overview of the different options of marine asset financing. Including Debt Financing, Private Equity, Mezzanine Finance, Hedging.
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