• Firefighting Vessel Cost Model

    1,150 / year and a 2,800 sign-up fee
    This firefighting vessel cost model gives the user an insight in the cost breakdown of such a vessel in different ports around the world. Both Capex and Opex of the vessels are estimated and compared for three vessels in ten different port operations.
  • Impact model which relates the shipbuilding industry is to fluctuations in historical oil prices. The model includes the demand impact of more than ten different vessel types and more than 50 shipyards.
  • Fundamental analysis of publicly listed shipyards:
    • China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation
    • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
    • Hyundai Heavy Industries
    • China State Shipbuilding Corporation
    • STX Group
    • DSME
    • Samsung Heavy Industries
    • Sumitomo Heavy Industries
    • Fincantieri
    • United Shipbuilding Corporation
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