• Cruise Line Stocks Model

    1,550 / year and a 2,950 sign-up fee
    Fundamental analysis of publicly listed cruise lines is offered. Stocks included are Carnival Corporation, Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean Cruises
  • Advanced financial model which benchmarks more than 100 cruise ships from around the world is given. The comparison is based on revenues, operational costs, capital expenditures and user experiences.
  • Investment model for cruise liners to show the potential revenues and costs of more than 100 cruise ships is provided.
  • This cruise terminal investment model includes a feasibility study and business case for a cruise terminal. The model includes parametric data of more than 20 cruise terminals in the world.
  • Day-Cruise Catamaran Investment Analysis

    850 / year and a 2,950 sign-up fee
    Business case which defines the profitability of the investment in a 20 meter day-cruise catamaran catamaran is given. Ten different day-cruise vessels are compared. A set of Financial Statements and a Discounted Cash Flow model is included to analyze the (potential) investment.
  • European River Cruise Vessel Model

    950 / year and a 2,750 sign-up fee
    This investment model for river cruise cruise shows the potential revenue and cost of cruise ships. The model allows the user to optimize configuration and compare that configuration with other cruise vessels in Europe. The model contains data of over 50+ river cruise vessels, data of salary cost, food cost, port expenses, fuel cost, revenue from onboard spending and shore excursions. Both Opex and Capex are modeled.
  • Firefighting Vessel Cost Model

    1,150 / year and a 2,800 sign-up fee
    This firefighting vessel cost model gives the user an insight in the cost breakdown of such a vessel in different ports around the world. Both Capex and Opex of the vessels are estimated and compared for three vessels in ten different port operations.
  • Secondhand cruise ship valuation is regression model based and builds upon a large dataset of secondhand cruise ship asking and transaction prices.
  • Secondhand Ship Valuation Model

    Secondhand ship values regression model based and build upon a large dataset of more than 1000 secondhand ship asking and transaction prices.
  • Total Cost of Ownership Cruise Vessel

    950 / year and a 3,450 sign-up fee
    Total cost of ownership (TCO) model for Cruise Vessels. Model provides the total cost of ownership of the vessel over its complete life cycle. The model output consists of Financial Statements, Financial Ratio Analysis, Net Present Value, Return on Investment and Monte Carlo Simulation.
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