• Crewing Cost 2018

    1,550 / year
    Global cost benchmark of maritime employment is given. Crewing Cost 2018 provides an overview of the salaries and other  expenses for maritime and offshore crew from around the world.
  • Marine Transportation Stocks Model – Fundamental Analysis

    1,350 / year and a 2,950 sign-up fee
    Fundamental analysis of more than 40 publicly listed marine transportation companies is offered. The stocks are evaluated to assess the intrinsic value, there by examining related economic, financial, and other qualitative and quantitative factors. The model includes a dataset of macroeconomic factors and financial data.
  • Offshore Oil & Gas Stocks Model

    1,350 / year and a 2,950 sign-up fee
    Fundamental analysis of publicly listed oil & gas companies. Stocks include:
    • Koninklijke Boskalis Westminster
    • SBM Offshore
    • Transocean
    • Diamond Offshore Drilling
    • Nabors Industries
    • Halliburton
    • Schlumberger
    • Baker Hughes
  • Offshore Wind Farm Risk Model which derives the largest risks involved in offshore wind operations. It includes a Monte Carlo simulation which determines the impact of changes to conditions within the offshore wind farm in model assumptions.
  • Impact model which relates the shipbuilding industry is to fluctuations in historical oil prices. The model includes the demand impact of more than ten different vessel types and more than 50 shipyards.
  • Model determines the CO2 emissions in the port of Rotterdam as a result of vessel activities. Emissions are split on the basis of per port region and ship type.
  • Private Equity investment model which shows the actual and expected revenues, Opex and Capex estimated of more than 20 private equity funds in shipping is provided. Forecasting model to compare the potential of the private equity funds is given.
  • Publicly Listed Investment in Shipping

    1,750 / year and a 4,550 sign-up fee
    Publicly listed shipping funds model shows the Opex and Capex estimated of 15+ stocks in shipping. Comparisons are made on their annual results over the years and balance sheet ratio's.
  • Cost breakdown model based on a shipbuilding cost breakdown structure of the newbuilding cost of various vessels. These include Dredgers, Fishery Vessels, Cargo Vessels, Ferries, Tankers and Tugs. The model contains data of 10+ example vessels.
  • Fundamental analysis of publicly listed shipyards:
    • China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation
    • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
    • Hyundai Heavy Industries
    • China State Shipbuilding Corporation
    • STX Group
    • DSME
    • Samsung Heavy Industries
    • Sumitomo Heavy Industries
    • Fincantieri
    • United Shipbuilding Corporation
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