• Crude Tanker Business Model

    950 / year and a 3,150 sign-up fee
    Feasibility study giving an investment analysis of a crude tanker vessel is provided. It includes different operation profiles based on AIS data analysis. The model allows the user to simulate different scenarios. The model also estimates the newbuilding and residual value of the vessel.
  • Life Cycle Cost Model Transfer Vessel

    950 / year and a 3,450 sign-up fee
    Total cost of ownership (TCO) model for Crew Transfer Vessels is provided . It estimates the total cost of ownership of the vessel over its complete life cycle. The model output consists of Financial Statements, Financial Ratio Analysis,  Net Present Value, Return on Investment and Monte Carlo Simulation.
  • LNG Bunkering Vessel Business Case

    950 / year and a 3,250 sign-up fee
    Model that provides insight in the profitability of LNG bunkering vessels in different ports around the world is given. Three different vessels are benchmarked in ten different port operations.  
  • Lyfe Cycle Cost Model Dredging Vessel

    1,150 / year and a 3,700 sign-up fee
    It enables comparison of different size and type of dredgers. Total cost of ownership (TCO) model for Dredging Vessels is given. Model provides the total cost of ownership of the vessel over its complete life cycle. The model output consists of financial statements, financial ratio analysis,  net present value and return on investments.
  • Market Exposure Analysis | Dredger

    From: 1,250 every 3 months
    Quarterly updated market exposure analysis trend report for your dredger which provides insights into the exposure of your vessel to potential future market conditions and disruptions. Forecasts the total cost of your vessel over its complete planned life cycle.
  • Offshore Oil & Gas Stocks Model

    1,350 / year and a 2,950 sign-up fee
    Fundamental analysis of publicly listed oil & gas companies. Stocks include:
    • Koninklijke Boskalis Westminster
    • SBM Offshore
    • Transocean
    • Diamond Offshore Drilling
    • Nabors Industries
    • Halliburton
    • Schlumberger
    • Baker Hughes
  • Offshore Wind Farm Risk Model which derives the largest risks involved in offshore wind operations. It includes a Monte Carlo simulation which determines the impact of changes to conditions within the offshore wind farm in model assumptions.
  • Financial model and risk management tool for offshore wind farm construction. Model which simulates construction costs of wind farms. Data of more than 50 wind farms, ports, equipment, turbines is included.
  • It is a financial model and risk management tool. This model simulates maintenance costs of wind farms. Data of more than 50 wind farms, ports, equipment, and turbines is included.
  • Impact model which relates the shipbuilding industry is to fluctuations in historical oil prices. The model includes the demand impact of more than ten different vessel types and more than 50 shipyards.
  • Port Dredging Business Case

    From: 1,650 / year and a 3,300 sign-up fee
    Model is to determine the cost per cubic meter for a port dredging project. More than 50 dredgers and various dredger types are compared based on their financial performance.
  • Cost model for rig decommissioning in the North Sea is given. The model includes data of scrapyards, rigs and decommissioning equipment.
  • Secondhand Ship Valuation Model

    Secondhand ship values regression model based and build upon a large dataset of more than 1000 secondhand ship asking and transaction prices.
  • Business case model for the use of four different tidal power plant options. It estimates the total costs over its complete life cycle. The model includes data of ten locations with high tidal power potential and production.
  • This Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers Benchmark model compares 25 TSHD vessels on five operating profiles.
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