With TechBinder we join forces to develop the Smart Vessel Optimizer application.

MDC | MaritimeDataCompany has long years of technical and financial expertise in reliable investment models and market intelligence products. MDC automates the complex translation of the technical configuration of a vessel towards accurate lifecycle cost analyses. What makes this company extra special is that they can do this for a wide range of vessels from smaller crew carriers to complex dredgers. This way investors, shipbuilders and operators are able to make better decisions on their vessel technical setup versus the investment strategy and investment model for new build vessels.

As TechBinder specialises in combining various datasets and visualize operational performance of vessels and vessel equipment, both companies can now show their customers an accurate cost price calculation of the performance of their connected vessels. This means that any customer has the opportunity to have live insight of the financial performance of their vessels operations next to the operational performance of the vessel. This data can be used to constantly improve operations, driven by operational and financial data.

This joint market approach gives ship owners the possibility to evaluate different jobs against operational and financial performance. This way Smart Vessel Optimizer allows vessel builders and ship owners to get a better grip on their expenses, improve on operations while seriously saving costs.

TechBinder and MaritimeDataCompany look forward to this cooperation and help improve maritime operations.

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