Insight into the feasibility of a plan is important. Especially, when dealing with large complex capital intensive investments like building a ship, an offshore energy innovation, international expansion or tapping into a new target group.

After nearly a year of hard work, developing and testing MDC | MaritimeDataCompany is live. MDC is a fact! As of this august investment models and market intelligence products for the maritime industry are available on the MDC platform.

The models and datasets from MDC help to enhance transparency in decision-making. A good case study or benchmark analysis, based on reliable data, forms the basis for objective decision-making and support from other parties, such as customers, suppliers, investors or financiers.

Sound maritime investment decisions require both engineering as well as financial expertise. Understanding both worlds is a requisite to create a solid business model. MDC sees many organizations that face challenges developing reliable investment models due to a lack of:

  • Available data¬†required to build and validate investment models;
  • Market transparency about costs of capital investments and running contracts;
  • Competences to integrate financial and engineering assumptions into a model.

The products of MDC overcome these challenges. MDC | MaritimeDataCompany combines their data and competences in order to provide better insights in potential investments.