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MDC I MaritimeDataCompany was founded in 2017 by financial analysts and marine engineers. MDC has developed a unique blend of financial and marine engineering expertise. Supporting its customers worldwide, MDC has become a truly independent financial advisor in the sector, specializing in modeling financial performance of highly technical capital-intensive projects.

At MDC, we believe that making decisions on gut feeling is good and important. Doing business must simply feel good. We also know that understanding business cases thoroughly is crucial to.

Our aim is to develop high quality investment models and datasets for fact-based decision-making to challenge intuition. is an initiative by Trenel, which is based in The Netherlands. Trenel is founded by Douwe and Lenno, who have been active in the maritime and offshore sector for years. It is the mission of Trenel BV to provide their services to its clients and help them get the most out of digital strategies and data analytics.

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Partners in dedication

Douwe Treurniet MSc. - Partner

Douwe Treurniet is commercially responsible for MDC | MaritimeDataCompany. He also works closely with the research team and developers, assisting in their ongoing development of the company and its services.

Douwe has been closely involved with the maritime industry for more than 10 years. He graduated from Delft University of Technology with a MSc. degree in Offshore & Dredging Engineering, and has subsequently been active as Entrepreneur, Program manager and Analyst focusing on investment decisions, with particular focus on maritime investments.

Lenno Luinge MSc. RC - Partner

Lenno Luinge is responsible for the technical developments and digital operations at MDC. He is in charge of the coordination of the development of our investment models and datasets.

Lenno, originally a Naval Architect, obtained a degree of MSc. in Subsea Engineering from the University of Aberdeen. He also holds Master degree in Finance & Banking from the VU University Amsterdam and is a Dutch Chartered Management Accountant (RC) from Nyenrode Business University. He has been working in the dredging and shipbuilding industry for years, with different responsibilities in engineering, estimation and finance.

Lenno’s valuable combination of skills and track record in the industry lead to the initiation of MDC | MaritimeDataCompany.

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